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Aerospace Fasteners

A California Niche in Short Supply

Southern California is home to the largest concentration of aerospace fastener manufactures in the world, an industry that is legendary for being fiercely competitive and extremely successful. However, these manufacturers face numerous threats including well financed foreign competitors seeking to replace them, and out-of-state automotive fastener manufacturers looking to fill openings.

The CACT focuses on a major key area that makes a direct impact in aerospace fastener manufacturing — preparing skilled people for jobs in the industry — and has spearheaded a major effort with California-based companies in finding solutions to the skilled worker shortage.

Aerospace Fastener Training Alliance, a partnership between the CACT and aerospace fastener partners has developed curriculum and received equipment donations for an eight-week for-credit training program that includes 96 hours of industry paid internship at a local aerospace fastener manufacturer. The first cohort of participants was filled to capacity and graduated in January 2009.

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