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By 2021, the commercial spaceflight industry is projected to exceed $650 million per year, with future growth continuing unimpeded. In looking to capture an economic share of this emerging industry, state governments are now looking to attract spaceflight companies through infrastructure support, limited liability legislation, and economic incentives.  With action, California can be positioned to dominate the commercial spaceflight industry for decades to come, and in the process reap substantial economic gains.     

The Mojave Air & Space Port is the only California location authorized by the FAA for commercial spaceflight companies to conduct horizontal take-offs/landings.  For more information on the Mojave Air & Space Port, visit their website:

For a full report on the commercial spaceflight industry:
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For a handout on the projected return-on-investment, click here.

For more information on the commercial spaceflight industry, visit the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation webpage:

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