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CACT Statewide Initiative Director

Jose Anaya

Jose Anaya oversees the Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies as the Statewide Initiative Director, hosted at El Camino College.  As Statewide Director, Mr. Anaya has maintained a steady relationship with the Chancellors’ Office and EWD partners, as well as Federal and State Legislatures.  At the same time, he has provided a vision for the Initiative, leading it to become a national model for workforce preparation in advanced manufacturing technologies.  This success was made possible not only through efficient coordination of services and training but also by his ability to take proactive measures to understand the issues of the sector.  In this capacity, Mr. Anaya has established himself as an insightful and hands-on leader who adeptly guides a network of centers that exist to serve the advanced manufacturing sector.  His ability to foster statewide partnerships among industry stakeholders, government and educators at all levels is unparalleled.  In total, Mr. Anaya has 12 years of experience working as a Center Director and Statewide Director within the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative.  

His employment in the private sector spans 17 years and includes notable advanced manufacturing firms such as Honeywell, ITT Industries and DataCard.  Mr. Anaya’s areas of expertise are product design, manufacturing, management, and economic and workforce development, and he has worked as a test engineer, quality engineer, manufacturing engineer and manager.  Mr. Anaya’s experiences in both public and private industry have provided him with a multifaceted understanding of the advanced manufacturing sector and how best to facilitate collaborations to serve its needs.  

Mr. Anaya's educational choices as well as his prior and current professional experiences are testaments to his expert knowledge base, wide-ranging experiences, and willingness to continue his focus on developing solutions to help match workforce needs to advanced manufacturing sector needs. Mr. Anaya’s strength in directing educators to meet the needs of industry has been greatly facilitated by his positions as mechanical engineer, adjunct faculty at Cerritos College, CACT Center Director and Statewide Initiative Director.  Mr. Anaya has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnics University, Pomona, and a MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

You may contact Jose Anaya at or (310) 973-3163.

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