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Geospatial Course

Geospatial Revolution

The CACT has developed an introductory geospatial course for the high schools and community colleges. This geospatial course covers three areas: remote sensing, GIS and GPS. Because geospatial technologies now encompass our daily routines, there is an ever-growing demand for technicians and professionals in a variety of industries that span these technologies. As such, the goal of this course is to encourage students to pursue careers within the geospatial industry.

Click the links below for course materials or download a zip file [162MB] containing all materials.


UNIT#1:  Introduction
Module 1 – Introduction to Geospatial Systems
Module 2 – Satellites

UNIT#2: Remote Sensing
Module 1 – Introduction to Remote Sensing
Module 1 – 5E Handout
Module 2 – Photographic Systems
Module 3 – Photogrammetry
Module 4 – Visual Image Interpretation
Module 5 – Multispectral, Thermal & Hyperspectral Sensing
Module 6 – Earth Resource Satellites
Module 7 – Microwave & LIDAR Sensing

Module 1 – Introduction to GIS
Module 2 – Spatial Data
Module 3 – Raster & Vector
Module 4 – Database Management
Module 5 – Data Input & Editing
Module 6 – Data Analysis
Module 7 – Process Modeling
Module 8 – Output

Module 1 – GPS