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October 1, 2014, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Get Your Manufacturing On - by Joe Klocko
Given the importance of manufacturing to the state and local economy and the large numbers of individuals employed in manufacturing, local businesses and organizations are joining together to celebrate National Manufacturing Day.

July 9, 2014, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Finding the Ideal Employee - by Joe Klocko
In fact, the strategy to building a great team is more like developing the perfect employee - not finding the perfect employee.

January 22, 2014, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Elevate Your Employee Hiring Criteria for Business Success - by Joe Klocko
Learn how using nationally recognized certifications can elevate the quality of your employee hiring decisions.

July 10, 2013, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
The skills gap — not the only challenge - by Joe Klocko
When asked what were the most serious skill deficiencies in their current employees, executives ranked inadequate basic employability skills nearly as high as lack of basic technical training.

March 20, 2013, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
The conundrum: supply and demand, wages and the skills gap - by Joe Klocko
How do U.S. companies provide a wage rate high enough to attract the future workforce to a career in manufacturing while maintaining or improving their global competitiveness?

November 14, 2012, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Entrepreneur, Leader, Strategist - by Joe Klocko
In an entrepreneur-led business, the leader, the strategist and the strategy communicator is the same person. As your company's leader/strategist, are you up to the task?

August 8, 2012, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Employee Focused Metrics Improves Every Business - by Joe Klocko
Key operating statistics for most companies are shockingly devoid of any metrics about the mindset and welfare of their self-proclaimed most important asset — their team members.

May 30, 2012, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
The great (un) employment paradox - by Joe Klocko
The country has added 858,000 jobs between December 2011 and March. Despite this good news, the level of jobs added in March came in at just under half of the previous three-month average.

Press Releases

August 29, 2014
Sierra College CACT provides Practical Problem Solving Training

May 7, 2014
Sierra College CACT Training Helps SMUD Use Lean Methods

April 16, 2014
Sierra College STEM Collaborative Teaches Critical Thinking

January 22, 2014
Sierra College CACT and Hacker Lab Partnership Spurs Innovation

November 15, 2013
Employment Training Panel Approves Over $7.9M to Support Statewide Training for California Workers

May 9, 2013
Sierra College STEM Puts Additive Manufacturing in Del Oro High School Class

October 11, 2011
El Camino College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies develops three Aerospace Fastener Manufacturing Courses