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Sierra College CACT demonstrates Rapid Prototyping Technologies and conducts Training in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance to Regional Employers

December 2006

The Sierra College CACT’s engineering consultant, Jon Stallman, helps companies increase accuracy, save time and reduce costs with solid modeling, rapid prototyping, document control and concurrent engineering.  “We start out with a demonstration of concepts and technologies,” says Stallman.  “Then we design and deliver short-term modular training that meets the businesses’ needs.”

In October 2006, Carpenter Advanced Ceramics engaged the Sierra College CACT to analyze how the company uses solid modeling software, identify features not being used, and recommend training. A customized on-site training course was conducted, focused on integrating solid modeling across multiple platforms.

Employees at Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. (EAS) participated in a demonstration on rapid prototyping concepts, systems, uses, and direct applications in November 2006.  In preparation for the half-day workshop, an EAS-designed part was produced on the CACT’s rapid prototyping machine and used as part of the discussion.  Participants commented that the demonstration gave them “an overall understanding of the process, benefits and drawbacks,” and gave a valuable “explanation of building each part, strengths and properties and optimization.”

Jon returned to EAS in December to deliver customized training in geometric dimensioning and tolerance.  The course focused on understanding three-dimensional space, geometry, controls and characteristics; and the use of datums and control attributes.  “Getting an increased knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerance and more current information makes me feel more prepared,” said one participant.  “(The training) reinforced the idea of the need for QC inspections, and I learned about the latest drafting standards,” wrote another.  “We actually evaluated some of our own parts, so there are lots of good ideas to use right now.”

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