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Interorbital Systems


TubeSat Program

The CACT has developed a new program that would provide students with an opportunity to access their own small satellite, called a TubeSat.  TubeSats can be assembled into a low-cost satellite bus or a fully functioning satellite.  They can be used to perform a variety of meaningful functions.

Skill-sets gained from this activity are in high demand, as the small satellite industry is booming.  From 2012 to 2013, the small satellite industry increased deliveries by 330%, and growth is projected to continue well into the foreseeable future. For an assessment of the 2014 small satellite market, click here.

The first step in beginning this process is to form a student club with faculty advisor. The student club framework for this program would be Students for the Exploration & Development of Space, or SEDS. Once a club is established, funding can then be pursued. For more information on SEDS, click here.

TubeSats are pre-fabricated by California-based Interorbital Systems. For more information, please visit:

For a handout describing the TubeSat program, click here.

For any questions, please contact: